June Unit Meetings Canceled

Local 1106 members,

Due to recent events and the Governor closing all restaurants, clubs, schools and to stop the spread of Covid-19, I am going to be forced to cancel all June Unit Meetings. If you have any concerns or Questions please refer them to your Unit Chairs, Stewards, and Executive Board Members.

The executive Board will meet on June 19, 2020. We will re-evaluate July meetings in the next few weeks.

Thank you and stay as safe as possible.

Eric L Fleet
Business Manager
IBEW Local 1106


COVID-19 Update

Brothers and sisters,

I would like to take a moment to share with as many of you as possible. The coronavirus has all of us unsure of future directions. I feel we must do everything in our power to stay safe and go home every night to our families and not be part of the spreading of this virus.

Frontier Communications has an obligation to their customers to provide service as well as keeping everyone safe while doing it. They have put out many communications to try to keep this virus from spreading. They are reading a script to customer asking about virus and contacts.

This doesn’t mean that the customer did not lie about illness. They have ordered PPE equipment, but it is backlogged now. You should have the PPE per CDC guidelines. Ask your LM for them.

You can send this to the manager and copy Andy Hoeppner if you feel the necessity:

I am requesting the following PPE, gloves, soap and hand sanitizer. I am making this request considering the current coronavirus outbreak. I believe that having these particular PPE items, will not only make my life safer, but will have our customers feel safer as well. Please let me know when these items will be supplied to me. I appreciate your attention to this safety issue.

Safety is a personal issue. What I mean by that is I (Eric/Union) cannot determine what is or is not a safety issue for you. Every situation is different. The decision is totally up to each member. Additionally, you don’t know if a residence is unsafe until you arrive. If you should come across a residence that you feel is unsafe, you should contact your manager and ask for direction.

Please be cautious out there and know that I am working toward a viable solution for all. Try to make every effort to minimize contact with others. Do all you can from outside the residence to minimize exposure.

In solidarity,
Eric Fleet
Business Manager
IBEW Local 1106