Membership Vote 2020

Brothers and sisters,

I am writing this letter asking you to get out and vote or Absentee vote in this Novembers Presidential election. This year’s election is probably the biggest presidential election ever.

How you vote is a personal decision and is totally up to you. I am only asking folks to make sure that you are registered to vote and if voting by Mail request your ballots soon. I have Attached a copy of the information you will need as well as dates required to get registered by.

The IBEW has carefully reviewed both candidates and decided to endorse Joe Biden back in February. Joe Biden is a man of decency and good character who knows the challenges faced by working families. He listens to, and is shaped by, the council of others, like our President Lonnie Stevenson who serves as an informal advisor to his campaign on Energy issues and our work.

The president appoints Heads of the Federal Courts and Judges, The Department of Labor, The national Labor Board, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration just to name a few of the Departments that have a direct impact of our day to day functions. These departments have been totally transformed to favor business and do extraordinarily little to protect working people like us.

If you have not done so yet please check your registration status and request a mail in ballot at www.ibewvotes Help your Families and friends to do so as well. The consequences of this election will be huge.

In Solidarity,

Eric L. Fleet
Business Manager
IBEW Local 1106


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